Icon Audio FRM2 Super Black edition speaker

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Προς πωληση καινουργιο ζευγαρι ηχειων της icon Audio FRM2 Super με τα εξωτερικα φιλτρα και πιανο black χρωμα .

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94db ευαισθησια

8 Ohm σταθερη αντισταση

Ιδανικα για λαμπατους ενισχυτες

A New design cabinet for our 8” FRm unit. Our new FRM 2 Super uses a more sophisticated cabinet design which further enhances the bass output and reduces internal resonances. Slightly bigger than the STD model Available in Piano Black or Signal Red with piano black plinth and supplied complete high quality spikes.

This new addition is capable of astonishing realism. Unlike other full range designs it does not excessively forward or “honky” like some horn designs but capable of very high definition sound even at high sound levels. This is due the simplicity of design and lack of crossover not “blurring” or colouring the sound as the speaker drive units have a more direct path to the amplifier.

Each design of cabinet has its own ideal loading for the best bass loading and performance for its size.

The FRm 2 single unit floor standing speaker has similar performance to the FRm 3 double unit speaker. The bass roll off and resonance frequency is only a few Hertz higher which may be no consequence with a low powered amplifier.

The FRm 3 is able to reproduce deep bass and its higher handing power may be suited to larger rooms or where high sound levels are required.

The FRm 1 design may be bookshelf or stand mounted. All designs are front ported in order that they may be placed close to a wall if desired. Although like conventional ported enclosures, placement away from the wall is recommended with the floor standing cabinets.

All three models are supplied with “No Loss” attenuators which are pre set to give optimum performance in the average room. These are in a small external box.

However many rooms are far from average, and each amplifier and source (e.g. CD player) will have its own sound. If after the run in period you feel that the sound may benefit from “tailoring” to your own circumstances this is a simple matter to change a couple of components at low cost.

Indeed all three designs may be run without any attenuation. The FRm 3 in particular has many possibilities to “contour” the sound to a personal preference.

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