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INDIANAPOLIS, CEDIA Booth #400 (September 10, 2004) – Beginning in October, consumers can ‘super size’ their plasma display with a new Pioneer Elite PureVision display that measures a whopping 61 inches diagonally and offers the sharp, bright, accurate picture quality that has come to be expected from Pioneer PureVision plasma displays. The PRO-1410HD Pioneer Elite PureVision display, which will begin shipping in October, is one of the first products from a plasma factory that Pioneer will acquire when the purchase of NEC Plasma Display Corp. is completed at the end of September.

The PRO-1410HD gives another option to professional A/V installers who prefer to pair a display with separate tuners and speakers instead of using an all-in-one television solution. The 1365 X 768 high definition display weights in at 135 pounds and has an ultra-slim chassis that is less than five inches deep. It has two HDMI inputs for a pure digital connection to external sources and is easily integrated with control systems utilizing the IR and RS-232 ports.

The new Pioneer Elite PureVision displays also offer ISF C3 calibration mode, a color calibration procedure designed by and licensed from the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF). This capability allows advanced color calibration to be integrated into a high definition display with never before achieved simplicity and reliability.

“Before we put the mark of PureVision on any of our plasma displays, our engineers must have complete confidence in the image quality and the experience that our customers will enjoy when they watch that display,” said Russ Johnston, senior vice president of marketing for the home entertainment division of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “The technology in this display makes it best in its size class and clearly warrants the PureVision mark.”

The PRO-1410HD offers numerous technological advances that help create its excellent picture quality, including:

Processing power of the PRO-1410HD offers a pure digital process. The video decoder, scaling and I/P Conversion was integrated into one process that provides the best possible image quality. The plasma converts the input signal with extremely high sampling accuracy so even minor details are sharp and clear. The viewer can see every hair out of place or every wrinkle of the skin as a result of this processing.

An Encased Cell Structure is used to produce greater light emission and to prevent light leakage from neighboring plasma cells, helping to create a vibrant image.
A Capsulated Color Filter provides realistic color reproduction, a more desirable white balance and enhanced contrast for outstanding, true-to-life image quality and improved color saturation.
Its picture-in-picture feature enables the sub-screen to change both in size and position with four options for each.
The Pioneer PRO-1410HD will be available October 2004 at a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $21,000.

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Full 1365 x 768 resolution.

Superior Image Processing Technology:
From input through all processing steps and to output on the display, the video signal remains in the digital domain. This ensures noise-free, no loss signal quality for the highest possible resolution of all types of input from video to film to PC.

Gamma Selection:
Four gamma modes can be selected. Such precision allows for more accurate display of the tone gradations, even for images with low lighting.

New Scan Converter:
Converts input signals with high sampling accuracy so even minor details such as small letters are sharp and clear.

I/P Conversion and Scaling LSI's:
These LSI's smooth jagged edges, correct color bleeds and select the ideal input resolution in images that are smooth and clean.

Encased Cell Structure:
Each individual lamp is encased in its own “cell”, with walls on all sides so that light doesn’t bleed into neighboring cells. This energy-efficient design allows each lamp to deliver a more concentrated beam of light, for truer colors and brighter images.
Color Management selectively boosts or scales back values to match actual images without affecting other colors on the screen.
The ISF C3 (Custom Calibration Configuration) feature enables your plasma TV to be optimized for the specific environment in which you’ve placed it. As an optional service, an ISF professional can calibrate contrast, tint, color levels, and other parameters to create the most accurate image possible.

High Precision Color Filter:
The PRO-1410HD uses a precisely engineered Color Filter that decreases light reflection for better viewability and filters out unnecessary elements in the red, green, and blue light for purer color reproduction. All images, even fast moving ones, will be accurate crisp and vivid.

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