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"Until now there were only two ways to listen to sound: out loud via speakers or privately wearing headphones, but thanks to revolutionary Smart Beaming there is now a third.

The N1 is the perfect device for the modern professional who works from home or in shared office spaces, values their comfort and efficiency, and whenever possible, uses smart products for communication and interaction experience.The N1 combines Smart Beaming with Alexa and multimodal interaction to create the first all-in-one home office and personalized wellness space.

Like having invisible headphones, standing in front of the N1 smart speaker, the sound is coming to you, magically beamed just outside of your left and right ears; you feel immersed in the sounds, having a very unique experience rather different from other audio technologies; you get the stereo and 3D experience, and yet the N1 is a single compact desktop device, and you wear no extra hardware device, no headphones, no wires. For others next to you, the experience is magical as well, as they only hear a whisper and you can still talk to each other without being isolated by obstructive headphones."

"Noveto Audio Technology works using non-audible acoustic waves and beamforming, placing the audio just outside the user's ears. The acoustic waves are pushed into the air via the Proprietary Noveto Transducer Array which is controlled by Noveto's patented chipset and software. From the inside the Proprietary Noveto Transducer Array looks like many ultra-small speakers.

A 3D sensing module and camera built into the hardware locates and tracks the position of your ears in real time. Move your head in any direction and the two sound pockets will follow. The sound can be heard as normal acoustic waves without disturbing people nearby. Additionally, the technology is capable of creating 3D spatial sounds and can place sounds anywhere in space regardless of head movement."

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Είχα διαβάσει πριν ένα-δυό χρόνια την περίληψη της πανέξυπνης στην απλότητα της σύλληψης, πατέντας. Αν θυμάμαι καλά (συγχωρείστε μου τυχόν λάθη) :
Η "Transducer Array" που αναφέρουν, εκπέμπει μία δέσμη υπερήχων, οι οποίοι ως γνωστόν είναι ούλτρα-σούπερ-κατευθυντικοί.
Ομως οι υπέρηχοι αυτοί είναι διαμορφωμένοι κατά πλάτος από την μουσική (κάτι σαν τα ραδιοφωνικά μεσαία).
Για την αποδιαμόρφωση . . . δεν κάνουν τίποτα! Γίνεται αυτομάτως από την δόνηση των μορίων του αέρα λόγω της δέσμης, και αν η τελευταία περνά κοντά από τα αυτιά του ακροατή, αυτός ακούει ήχο.

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