PHILIPS - 55PL9223 55-IN Cineos- Lcos TV

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55PL9223 55-IN Cineos� Widescreen HDTV Monitor
Discover the versatile design and extraordinary picture quality of Philips Cineos�. It has the screen size you desire from a projection but without all the bulk. Its sleek and thin design is second only to its remarkably sharp, crisp, high-definition picture quality and superior surround sound.

Producing 55 inches of widescreen excitement from a housing less than 18 inches deep, the Philips 55PL9223 Cineos television makes use of Philips' patented Liquid Crystal On Silicon (LCOS) reflective technology, which frees the set to be both lighter and smaller than current projection or CRT sets. The 55PL9223 offers an HD-ready, flicker-free screen with perfect convergence, no visible pixel grid, and no risk of image burn-in. With its native 1,280 x 720 pixel resolution and a multitude of analog and digital inputs, the TV accepts high-resolution pictures from DTV set-top boxes, PCs, DVD players, and other devices, including both 1080i HD signals and 1,280 x 1,024 PC feeds. All standard-definition interlaced video signals are treated to Philips' PixelPlus line doubling, which turns them into near-high-definition (HD) images. By doubling the number of lines and the number of pixels per line, PixelPlus enhances both regular TV broadcasts and DVD inputs for unparalleled sharpness and depth. Active Control performs continuous picture analysis and maintains control of Automatic Digital Noise Reduction and auto sharpness. A 3-line digital comb filter gives you improved chroma/luminance separation over standard 2-line comb filters. The set's double-window, dual-tuner picture-in-picture feature splits the screen into two independent halves, letting you do everything from watching 2 shows simultaneously to watching one while surfing the other, or scanning channels while keeping an eye on video input 1, 2, or 3. The set uses 2-way stereo speakers with a 2-inch and a 5-inch driver in each, and also features an auto volume limiter to minimize drastic level changes between, say, a TV program and its commercials. A center-channel speaker input lets you use the set as a center--no bulky or costly center-channel required--and a rear-panel subwoofer output makes it easy to hook up a powered sub for deeper-than-deep bass effects or low-end musical authenticity. A 20-watts-per-channel sound system offers both Virtual Dolby Surround and Incredible Surround, processing circuitry that produces the sensation of surround sound without the hassle of installing additional rear speakers. Other connections include 3 each composite- and S-video inputs, 3 component-video inputs (2 HD, 1 standard), a 15-pin D-Sub PC connection, and a DVI direct digital input for use with a compatible DTV set-top box or other DVI device. A set of audio/video outputs lets you integrate the set with your stereo or surround receiver, and a set of side-mounted AV inputs with a headphone output simplifies hookup of a camcorder, gaming console, or VCR

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