SONY NW-A105 Walkman Series (High End DAP) 16GB + 32GB microSD (up to 2TB)

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Πρακτικά καινούριο. Στο κουτί του με όλα τα παρελκόμενα και τις ζελατίνες.

Αγορασμένο από Sony Center Γλυφάδας πριν λίγους μήνες (τιμή αγοράς 350 ευρώ και τόσο κοστίζει και σήμερα).
Υπάρχει η απόδειξη αγοράς - εγγύηση.

Πωλείται λόγω αναβάθμισης σε ακόμη πιο high end portable device.

Τιμή 230 ευρώ.


- OS: Android 9.0 Pie
- ARM Cortex-A53 Quad Core processor,
- 4GB of RAM
- 16GB Storage + microSD card slot (up to 2TB)
- Extra 32GB TDK microSD card
- BT5.0, WiFi, NFC, NC, and a USB type-C port
- Frequency 20-40,000 Hz
- Compatible with high-resolution audio, DSD (11.2MHz/ PCM conversion) and PCM (384kHz/32bit) supported by S-Master HX


Enjoy both stored and streamed music, at the highest quality, with the Sony NW-A105 – the Walkman of today.

Highest quality components for the most detailed sound
Using many audiophile quality components, the Sony NW-A105 maximises every drop of detail. Film capacitors, a Fine Sound Resistor and advanced solder with gold content are just some of the hi-tech goodies usually reserved for Sony’s high-end ZX range. Together they help draw out fine detail and banish distortion to the lowest levels.

High Resolution sound – the reference standard music replay
Making the most of the exceptional component quality, High Resolution Audio takes music to the next level. The difference between Hi-Res music and typical MP3/AAC compressed music files is immense. Hi-Res music even sounds better than CD, giving a smoother yet at the same time more detailed sound.

MQA playback
Compatible with Meridian's MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) technology, the Sony NW-A105 delivers Hi-Res audio to studio standards. Although studio master quality, the beauty of MQA is that files are small enough to easily stream and don't take up so much storage space. A wide range of High Resolution files are supported, including DSD, FLAC and WAV.

S-Master HX low distortion amp
Unlike smartphones, the Sony NWA-105 features a built-in amp that’s optimised purely for High-Resolution Audio. Designed and made with incredible attention to detail, even the solder has been refined to maximise clarity. High precision components mean you’ll hear more of the music, more of the time.

Enhanced sound from compressed music files with DSEE HX
DSEE HX (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) up-scales compressed digital music files to a level that's close to CD quality. Working with MP3, ACC, ATRAC and WMA files, DSEE HX restores high-level information previously lost in the compression process. The result is a more detailed, fluid and natural sound quality that's much closer to the original recording.

Supported by Android
Featuring support from Android gives the NW-A105 easy access to a massive range of media apps and music services. Available via the Google Play Store, a huge range of podcasts, media apps and streaming music services mean you’re never left without entertainment on the move.

Wi-Fi compatible
Making the most of Android support, wi-fi compatibility lets you easily access all your favourite music services. On the move, at home or anywhere there’s a wi-fi signal, the NW-A105 has the power to connect to your favourite music.

Upgrade your computer audio with USB DAC function
The High Resolution DAC (Digital to Analogue Convertor) and associated hardware fitted to the Sony is much higher quality than the one fitted to most computer soundcards. Upgrade the sound from your PC or Mac by simply connecting the NW-A105 via USB (cable supplied). All the music stored on or streamed from your laptop, PC or Mac gets an instant upgrade.

Top quality Bluetooth with LDAC
Connect up to your headphones or speaker system with Bluetooth, for a wireless connection. Using Sony’s LDAC technology the sound quality via Bluetooth is greatly enhanced. Transferring approximately three times more data than conventional Bluetooth, music has much more depth and body than usual.

16GB internal memory with support for much more via microSD card
To get you going, the Sony NW-A105 has 16GB of built-in memory. Add an optional microSD card and the storage space increases hugely. A popular and cost effective 128GB card is enough for around 1250 High Resolution Audio files (24bit/96kHz, 4 minutes-long, 90MB). If this isn’t enough, the Sony supports microSD cards right up to a potential 2TB (note, 1TB cards are currently the highest capacity, commercially available).

Choice of listening modes, including Vinyl Processor
For sound personalisation, the NW-A105 offers a choice of equaliser presets and custom levels. It also features a Vinyl Processor. This creates a warm, characterful sound that’s typical of analogue playback.

Leave your smartphone for calls and social media – the Sony NW-A105 offers a whole new level of sound from all your stored and streamed music.

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Μείωση τιμής στα 190 ευρώ...

Είναι πραγματικά σε κατάσταση καινούριου και με υπόλοιπο εγγύησης 1 χρόνο και κάτι μήνες.

Να σημειώσω σε ερώτηση που μου έγινε, το χρώμα είναι μαύρο.
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Τελευταία μείωση τιμής στα 170 ευρώ (πλέον είναι κάτω από 50% της τρέχουσας τιμής και της τιμής που αγοράστηκε).

Δεκτή η ανταλλαγή μόνο με κάποια από τις ακόλουθες συσκευές:

- Yamaha MusicCast WXC-50 (χωρίς χρηματική διαφορά), ή
- Yamaha MusicCast NP-S303 (και 30 ευρώ χρηματική διαφορά από μεριάς σας), ή
- Yamaha MusicCast WXAD-10 (και 100 ευρώ διαφορά από μεριάς σας)

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Πουλήθηκε στον Αλέξανδρο.
Καλές ακροάσεις κι ευχαριστώ για τη συνέπειά σου και την ευγένειά σου.

- Παρακαλώ να κλείσει η αγγελία. -

Ευχαριστώ το site για τη φιλοξενία της αγγελίας και που με έχει φέρει σε επαφή με εξαιρετικά μέλη και λάτρεις (και παθώντες σαν κι εμένα) του πολυέξοδου αυτού σπορ του καλού ήχου. :)

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